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Turbo Integrator Troubleshooting

Turbo Integrator Troubleshooting Turbo Integrator Overview Turbo Integrator (TI) Processes are scripts that execute within the TM1 server to perform data manipulation. Most TI Processes use a data source which is processed line by line.

May 2, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

TM1 Server Setup

Starting Up a Server Creating a new Server To create a new server you must first create a data directory, this directory must have at very least: ‘tm1s.cfg’ ‘tm1s.lic’ The configuration file (tm1s.cfg) should specify: Server Name Server Admin-host Data Directory Logging Directory Server Port Any Additional Configurations (Max Login Attempt) The typical directory structure of an Application Server is as follows: Server Name (No Spaces) Data (tm1s.cfg,tm1s.lic and other files) Logging/Logfiles (tm1s.log, tm1server.log) DataSources (Shared Directory) DataOutputs (Shared Directory) Loading a Server as an Application To load a server as an application we run the application ‘tm1s.exe’ found in the IBM Cognos TM1 bin Directory [...]

Ben.Hill February 2, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Clear Cube Process.

It is good practice to create and destroy a view for clearing rather then leaving a large clear view sitting under the cube waiting for a user to click on it. The code below creates a view and assigns subsets to that view, zero's the view out then destroys the view and subsets.

Ben.Hill August 19, 2008IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

What is TM1?

Congos TM1 formerly Tables Manager 1 is a Client and Server Software platform which uses an Microsoft Excel Client side with a Multidimentional Datastore on the Server side.This is Commonly used for Financial Planning and Reporting. Why Multidimentional?

Ben.Hill August 18, 2008IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

TM1 in a Unix Environment

Over the last 2 years more and more companies have looked at going 64-bit as their complex business modelling requires much more from a hardware perspective for TM1. TM1 supports two 64-bit Operating Systems these are UNIX and Windows 64-Bit.

Ben.Hill August 18, 2008IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Excels Tips - Object Class Module

When writing code for an Excel TM1 “Frontend” we often have to find a balance between controlling enough to keep the user on track and giving them enough room to utilise Native Excel functionality. A good way to make sure the correct settings are in place and the User cannot destroy the front-end (even if its Read-only) is to watch events at an Application Level, To further explain what I mean by Application I will use worksheets and workbooks as an example.

Ben.Hill August 18, 2008

TM1 9.4 Presentation

Attached is the presentation I did for the Sydney TM1 Usergroup organized by Amendra Pratap. This covers most of the new 9.4 features.

Ben.Hill August 17, 2008IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1