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API CellGet Function

Please be aware that this code is not some of my better work, its from about 2 years ago from a pet project of mine. Enjoy.

Ben.Hill September 15, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Adding Financial Local/Group Currency Logic

The purpose of this article is to describe how to add a Local/Group Currency system to a new TM1 cube; this can be core requirement for International Companies and is relatively common. To explain the Group/Local split, Group - the company’s home country currency – used primarily for Reporting Local - the branch/profit-centre’s currency – how data is entered.

Ben.Hill August 6, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Installing TM1 9.4

To begin download the latest version of TM1 from the ‘My-IBM’ site. You will need a login to access the site.

Ben.Hill August 5, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Adding Items to the TM1 Web Right Click Menu

Within the TM1Web/Scripts folder open the ‘tm1webbook.js’ file within notepad or the preferred editor. You should probably create a backup of this file before making any changes.

Ben.Hill June 15, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Naming Conventions and Syntax

Within TM1 all objects names and contents are completely defined by the Developer. Cubes, Public Views, Dimensions, Public Subsets, Processes, Chores and Applications are all named on creation.

Ben.Hill June 9, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Dimension Worksheets

Dimension Worksheets are a great way to manage medium sized dimensions and attributes/aliases. All Worksheets (Dimension and Rule) are held in the local data directory set in the ‘Options’ form found in Server Explorer under ‘File’.

Ben.Hill May 11, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Dimension Maintenance Methods

There are four ways to maintain a dimension within TM1: Backend Editor Dimension Worksheets TI Process TM1 API (Possibly via 3rd Party tools) Most consultants previously recommended using Dimension and Rule Worksheets prior to recent releases of TM1 (9.1 +) where the User Interface has been updated, presently there is no defined best practice and opinions are divided [...]

Ben.Hill May 10, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Conditional Feeders

Conditional Feeders Conditional feeders can be used to minimize the storage impact of rule feeders. The typical situation occurs when rule values are calculated by multiplying factors, any of which may be zero.

KJ.Patel May 4, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

API Tutorial (not .net)

TM1 API Programming - Initial Steps: At the start of a TM1 API project a few steps are necessary to get connected, 1. Include the TM1 API Module 2.

Ben.Hill May 3, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1