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How to do in-cube calculations on Performance Modeller

With this article we are going to show you how to do in-cube calculations on Performance Modeller. In-Cube Calculations with Drag and Drop Interface In the new TM1 10.2 Performance Modeller, a new section has been added that house existing TM1 rule functions, which allows users to drag and drop functions into expression field.

matthewk September 13, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

How to create scorecard cubes with TM1

The purpose of scorecard is to enable broader range of staff in an organisation to have a better understanding of its strategies, and the relationships of those strategy goals. For example, to grow net profit, the organisation may seek ways to reduce expenses and/or increase sales, quite obvious.

matthewk September 12, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Sending Cube Data into a Database

Create a new Turbo Integrator Process For now we won’t set the data source for the TI Process because we want this to be a Cube View that we create as the first step (Prolog procedure). So the first thing is to create the view and assign dimensions subsets which will filter the rows of the data source that we will be sending into the source system.

Ben.Hill August 1, 2010IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

TM1 to Cognos Express Translation

Just thought I would write up a small but simple translation guide for the TM1 Experts who are now diving into the new world of Cognos Express. Xcelerator - This is the new name for the TM1 Excel Add-in and also the new name for TM1 Web.

Ben.Hill July 14, 2010IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Dimension Maintenance Methods

There are four ways to maintain a dimension within TM1: Backend Editor Dimension Worksheets TI Process TM1 API (Possibly via 3rd Party tools) Most consultants previously recommended using Dimension and Rule Worksheets prior to recent releases of TM1 (9.1 +) where the User Interface has been updated, presently there is no defined best practice and opinions are divided [...]

Ben.Hill May 27, 2010IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Installing TM1 9.5

Heres a quick tutorial on how to install TM1 9.5, after these instructions are the same instructions with images to aide in the installation process. Please leave a comment if this helps or if I have missed a step.

Ben.Hill April 30, 2010IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

MDX Primer Tutorial

Hi Here's a link to my preferred MDX source on the web: Wim Gielis

Wim Gielis April 5, 2010IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Compare data directories

I made this recently to compare two TM1 Data Directories. Its rather self explanitory.

Ben.Hill January 26, 2010IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Load/Staging Cube Tips & Tricks

Ok I’ve just been working on a project where I’m loading bulk data into staging cubes before hitting its destination, The Master Cube will contain a mixture of 6 Sources of information and each needs to be checked and tested before being loaded into the Master cube. There are a few things that make this process a lot less difficult to manage and I’ll list the ones I know of below.

Ben.Hill November 2, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Drill-Through Processes

Ok in this quick tutorial I’m going to demonstrate how you would go about creating a TI Process which retrieves information from a source system. At my latest clients site we have a process which retrieves actual journals from PeopleSoft just from drilling on aggregate actual data.

Ben.Hill October 28, 2009IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1